About Land Development

Jashim Heaven Real Estate started it's journey on 1st July 2019 with the vision to excel in the land development business. as a brand name at home by ensuring even growth of the company and providing maximum security to the customers.

It produces products for all types of clients from low earning too high profile people with a view to increasing sales following the principle of "Minimum investment" Maximum profit for the clients. Being persistent to its goals and objectives, the company is now offering as many as 10 projects throughout the country.


Housing Features

We provide Five elements are critical to the success of developing housing that supports independence and inclusion:

  • Central Location
  • Smart Technology
  • High Securities
  • South Facing House
  • Swimming Pool
  • Identifiable Housing

Apartment Facilities

Give in to the relaxing atmosphere of our apartments, unwind and feel at home.

About Our Team

Our helpful support team is always turned up and running to help you with any question or issue you may encounter.
We take all issues seriously and provide timely responses.

Alvis Milan

Project Director

Jhon Doe

Executive Engineer

Hugo Smith

Marketing Manager

Jenny Salvia

Project Supervisor

Clients Testimonial

Customer testimonials are recommendations from satisfied buyers that affirm the value of a product or service. These are sometimes paid endorsements,
as found with influencer marketing.But more often than not, they are given by happy customers, voluntarily, or upon a company's request.