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Objective of the Skill development training:

❐ To establish a society, which is capable for human capital and free from poverty reduction through marketable Jashim Technical & Education Training Institute (JTETI) and created to employment inbound & outbound in country?

❐ To enhance quality and relevance of the technical and vocational education and training as a part of meeting the strategic option of the poverty reduction agenda of the government and other stakeholders.

❐ To enhance the socio-economic condition of the poor people through undertaking value added programs and projects as like Jashim Technical & Education Training Institute (JTETI).

❐ To promote community leaders, institutions, community leaders and the general population through awareness program regarding the Skill, Technical and Vocational Training.

❐ To establish trained personnel in appropriate sectors job placement cell creates job opportunities linkage with different stakeholder.

❐ To strengthen the overall TVET system through (a) direct start-up and operational support to Industry Skill Councils (ISC) and the National Skill Development council (NSDC).

❐ To establish a project management and implementation structure, implement communication strategy and undertake monitoring and evaluation.

Goal of the Jashim Technical & Education Training Institute (JTETI)

To protect and promote the unskilled, unemployed, semi-Skilled worker and school dropout learners through marketable as well as job opportunities inbound & outbound Countries.

Jashim Technical & Education Training Institute (JTETI)

Bangladesh like any other third world and developing countries of the world has abundance of uneducated and unemployed population. A small percentage of the population of our country is educated in terms of technical and formal education. Even the most of the so called educated people have crossed only the first step and are capable of signing their names only. All these people needs further training and develop their skills to be employed anywhere for their employment or engage themselves for any small business. So, Jashim Technical & Education Training Institute (JTETI) has taken an initiative to establish a modern training center for this purpose.

A country with a vast population needs proper skill to make them fit for present job requirements both home and abroad. In recent days foreign and local employers are looking for skill workforce instead of a lay man. So, these adult people required knowledge and skills to contribute to their future employment, which will help their family, society and the nation as a whole.

Keeping this in mind with a view to emancipate the unemployment problem we have decided to establish a Technical Training Centre named as Jashim Technical & Education Training Institute (JTETI) to train our people on different technical trade. So that these people are capable of being employed at home and abroad or go for small entrepreneurship by establishing small workshop. The institute has started its journey recently.

Jashim Technical & Education Training Institute (JTETI) is approved by the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

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