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Welcome to Our Company:

Jashim Group of Companies Ltd is a having diverse business interests, is one of the largest and foremost varied business individuals in Bangladesh. It was journey started in early November 23, 2006 and over the years, It has varied into many new businesses in order to meet the needs of the Customer, while contributing significantly to the economy.

Jashim Group has been developed a business model of creating empowered companies that enjoy the best of entrepreneurial independence and group wide collaborations. This principle has led of Jashim Group of Companies Ltd to becoming a powerful business portfolio.

Now the span of Jashim Group of Companies Ltd operations diversified into more than 12 (Twelve) different type of business areas. These include of Jashim Knit Composite Ltd, Jashim International Overseas Ltd, Jashim Student Consultancy Firm Ltd, Jashim Medical & Diagnostic Limited, Jashim Digital Medicine Corner, Jashim Digital Dairy Farm Ltd, Jashim Digital Tour's & Travel's, Karnaphuli Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Ltd & Jashim Welfare Foundation Ltd.

To prove our commitment to quality standards of the highest international norms, we are gearing ourselves for the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Services certification.
We will deliver best-quality products that are beneficial to our customers and a commitment to safety and health in everything we do .We reinforce our values everyday through our customers, our innovation and our performance.
Nothing makes better business perception than partnering with JASHIM GROUP. All our process are fully geared to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Since inception, customer’s needs and requirements are our top-most priority.

☛ Corporate Professional Responsibilities:

Professional responsibility is the area of legal practice that surround the duties to act in a professional manner, obey the law, avoid conflicts of interest, and put the interests of clients ahead of their own interests. As a professional here by, the companies taking action to correct these risks & knowing enough about the system to understand potential problems.

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Company's Executive Council has determined as work responsibilities. hold company's employee are working own his job and the others hand Human Resource Management has control over all employee.

Our Companies management has control by multi-media networking system in Domestic and Internationally. the inside and outside works are control by the Official rules and regulation.

The management team inform dealings the business proposal and the company's authorities decided that proposal and declared the result as soon possible.
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The Companies financial statements (or financial reports) are formal records of the financial activities and position of a business, person, or other entity. Relevant financial information is presented in a structured manner and in a form which is easy to understand.

The companies accounts are four main types of financial statements, which are as follows:

☛ Income statement. This report reveals the financial performance of an organization for the entire reporting period.
☛ Balance sheet.
☛ Statement of cash flows.
☛ Statement of changes in equity.
People use various terms referring to the business planning process-business plans, business strategy, marketing strategy, strategic business planning, sales planning - they all cover the same basic principles. When faced with business planning or strategy development task it's important to clarify exactly what is required.

a Jashim Group of Companies Ltd has been established and Strategic a dynamic Marketing Teams and for that they are working in the work place in the world.

The marketing team inform dealings the business proposal and the company's authorities decided that proposal and declared the result as soon possible.

☛ Our Sister Concern:

Jashim Knit Composite Ltd.
Jashim Digital Tours & Travels.
images Jashim International Overseas Ltd. images Jashim Welfare Foundation.
images Jashim Medical & Diagnostic Ltd. images Jashim Digital Dairy Farm.
images Jashim Digital Medicine Corner. images Karnaphuli Multi-Purpose Co-Operative Society Ltd.

☛ Certificate of Recognition:

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Certificate of


⇒ About Us..

Jashim Group of Companies Ltd is a global industrial group operating in the energy and non-energy sectors through seven main subsidiaries. Our mission is to identify and solve problems, to enable people, and create value. The companies operational goals are thus focused on job creation with commercial effectiveness in diverse industries in all the countries we operate. Read More...

Our Visitors
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⇒ Corporate Social Responsibilities:


Jashim Group's CSR activities are aimed at bringing the unprivileged of the society under the umbrella of social protection so as to ease their lived and give them opportunities for future.

From building schools to madrasa, from feeding the poor to distribution of winter cloths and free medical treatment, Jashim Group's CSR activities are recognized.

As a philanthropic individuals, our Management hierarchy are personally involved in various social activities and self-income generating program for the poor and needy people in the urban slums and the vulnerable womenfolk of metropolitan Dhaka through micro-credit and donation.

The educational institutions, located in Munshiganj have already been hailed as one of the best in the district. He also has built many mosques, madrasas, free Sunday clinics and catered for the need of the poor and needy all his life. Jashim Group grows with its employees, stake holders and most importantly the populace of the country. Jashim Group feels that a happy nation is a nation without poverty and room and opportunities for growth.

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